Direct impact on the youth in our community is the focus of every Emerald Live project.

Emerald Live is a social enterprise; community support lies at the heart of what we do. We have been working in collaboration with Kori, a local, youth-led charity that uses holistic therapy and creative projects to support and nurture young people in the face of local government cuts and austerity. Emerald Live supports their development by raising funds, awareness and volunteer resources.

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about KORI

KORI is a ‘Youth Focused Charity’ in existence since 2002 supporting hundreds of young people from primary school through to their twenties. Many of them continue to lead work and ideas across the organisation both in the UK, community support and through the Vessel UK projects they lead in Africa. 

What they do:

KORI works with young BAME people aged 14-30 years old, providing bespoke mentoring, training programmes and exceptional social, educational and work opportunities. 

How they do it: 

We bring young people together supporting and networking them through our partnerships, mentors and work experience opportunities; building self- confidence, leadership qualities, cultural capital, skills and employment prospects.

Your donations directly support KORI’s work with young people, covering things like well-being excursions, mentoring expenses, counselling fees, equipment and workshop trainers. You will see the work shared in KORI’s reports, news and quarterly newsletters on their website.


KORI Mentors

Our trained mentors provide one-to-one support programmes for 14 to 30 year olds.

KORI’s mentoring programme provides BAME 14 to 30 year olds with personally tailored support for their individual advancement. It comprises one-to-one sessions with trained and supported industry or pastoral mentors, coaching, training, work experience and group respite trips. Also providing a range of workshops introducing different industries. Led by young BAME professionals, these workshops aim to inform and inspire young people in schools and colleges.

Their mentoring programme is driven by the specific needs of each individual and can last up to 18 months. Mentees gain a deeper understanding of their own needs and motivation, enabling them to overcome disadvantages and advance their lives.

The Vessel UK

This training programme enables individuals and organisations share and grow their skills in both the UK and Africa.

The Vessel UK is a training programme for UK participants that enables them to create relevant, socially responsible and sustainable projects in Africa. These projects are delivered through The Daughters of Africa Foundation’s partnerships with youth and community organisations in Tanzania, Kenya and The Gambia.

Since 2004, The Vessel UK has enabled hundreds of individuals and many organisations to share their skills with participants in Tanzania, Kenya and The Gambia. For UK participants, the benefits include personal and professional development, global learning plus expanded project management and leadership skills.

KYAN - KORI Youth Advocacy Networl

Our youth advocacy network, KYAN supports the advancement of disadvantaged BAME individuals aged 14 to 30.

Designed for London’s socially disadvantaged BAME young people, KYAN builds these individuals’ social capital. Led by young people in KORI, it provides a clear pathway for sharing opportunities through projects, training, work experience placements, paid work, campaigning and volunteering. KORI enable personal growth through experiences that add positive value to both participants’ present and their future.

Participants can also access short respite trips out of London, plus quick referrals to affordable counselling professionals and other alternative health practitioners.

“It’s a lack of opportunity holding young people back. I’m very excited to be on board with their programme to give young Londoners more opportunities.”

Catherine West, MP